Saturday, December 7, 2019

Each year, CBEA awards a $2,500 scholarship to one student from each of our three high schools. These scholarships are offered to students planning on beginning a career in education. Applications will be available through Naviance each Spring. The CBEA scholarship is offered to our students in memorial to the following deceased CBEA members: 


Barry Arner

Clyde Baker

Cynthia Carbonell

Robert Corrigan

James Cox

MaryAnn Craven 

Gerald Detweiler 

Dale Greenly 

Joanne Hefley 

Paul Hinterlang 

Robert Isaacson

Larry Jimmerson 

Clara Keating 

Georgiana Landry 

Joan Leaser 

Charles McNally 

Joseph Moody 

Kristen Newfield 

John Perry 3rd

Judith Pestrak

Cheryl Petzel 

Robert Rhodes 

Ron LaMar

Larry Greene

Beverly Keegan

David Price

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